Yesterday, the Washington Times announced that it was suspending Rand Paul's weekly column due to all the allegations of plagiarism that have circled the Kentucky senator.

But Paul's not going to go around acting all repentant about these charges. In fact, he's taking the whiny-baby road, complaining about having to deal with the consequences of his actions to the conservative press:

In an interview with National Review Online on Capitol Hill, Paul was furious, especially with the press coverage of the allegations. “It annoys the hell out of me,” Paul said. “I feel like if I could just go to detention after school for a couple days, then everything would be okay. But do I have to be in detention for the rest of my career?”

I thought libertarians were all about personal responsibility? Anyway, even the severely conservative commenters on National Review's site can't muster much compassion for Paul this time, calling him "unrepentant and arrogant," a "spoiled brat," and "pathetic." If Paul keeps whining about his "unfair" treatment like this, he might actually make the whole thing worse.

(Thanks to Slog tipper Biff.)