I Believe That Children Are Our Future


The second ad should be entitled, "Money Doesn't Grow on Trees." Instead of spending time outdoors with nature buy a bunch of plastic crap from Toys R' Us. It seems like a spoof ad from the Truth campaign.
Now that HG is successful, the Agendists are getting to Jennifer Lawrence. Note the short hair and mannish shoulder pads.

Can the multi-sexuality, drug use and "i was abused by Men" claims be far behind...
Bad nation. You are a shameful nation. Now go to your room.
I'd be hard-pressed to even call Toys R Us a toy store. It's more like a branding indoctrination center.
I don't really remember Toys R Us as being the type of toy store where you can play with the toys before purchasing them. Did I simply have a deprived childhood?
Toys R Us should be called Export US Jobs To China R Us
Yeah that ad is anti-science BS, but so is the need to get rid of SPD quad copter drones because OMG the plot to Terminator 2 could be real some day!! or ... OMG they could arm them with stinger missiles and kill hundreds!
Does this mean The Stranger isn't going to take a shit on those who go to college as you've done before in the past?
why not a video mash up and have the kids from the bus kill each other with toysrus branded hunger games toys in the store?

why not? well, maybe you are the first one to come up with that idea. shall i forward your comment onto the video makers?
Science is boring? Says an ad campaign written by people who have never seen:
-two strips of metal in a lemon make a light bulb glow
-house current make a dill pickle glow
-a honeybee groom herself
-a practical demonstration of fiber optics using Jell-O and a laser pointer
-a Venus Flytrap
-a geode
Even though I grew up to be a chemist and an engineer, I remember times when class room science was dry. It depended much on how it was taught. But field trips! Wow! Especially outdoor field trips. I can't believe they picked on an outdoor field trip. I even loved tree identification using tree keys.
Took ya'll long enough to realize Toys R Us is just as evil if not worse than WalMart. They are just tentacles of the same corporate leeches in advertising. Toys R Us feeds the advertisers and manufacturers, the advertisers feeds toys r us more kids in one giant clusterfuck.

You'd be doing your kid a favor if you never let them go there. But you'd also be doing them a favor if you never let them watch Cartoon Network, The Disney Channel, or Nickelodeon. But good luck once they get wind of it at school, or from some family member who blabs about it.
That's a crappy commercial. I don't see what the "plot" adds to it. My knee jerk reaction heading into load the nephews up with cheap plastic crap to show them I love them season is that I won't spend any money at Toys R Us.
What's funny, though, is that Jennifer Lawrence herself has a perfect, unattainable body. But good for her anyway.
The anti-science bent is bad enough; why did Toys-R-Us have to inflict this on a bus of predominantly brown kids?
My favorite Christmas present was always a stocking full of leaves.

No, but yeah: Bad messages in that commercial.