Being "pro-life" (aka, anti-choice) seems to have become a tenet of Christianity, the two terms are so tightly entwined in the media. But obviously, not all Christians scheme to take women's reproductive rights away—just a small, screamy faction of Christian extremists who would also probably revoke women's right to vote, own property, or drive cars if they could.

The vast majority of Christians aren't like that. In fact, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, religious leaders are currently banding together to defeat a citywide initiative that would ban abortions after 20 weeks, otherwise known as late-term abortions. Think Progress has the details:

Early voting on the ballot initiative has already begun, and the anti-choice community is currently pulling out all the stops to drum up support for the 20-week ban. One local activist is driving around a huge truck plastered with graphic images of bloody fetuses, for instance. But the reproductive rights community is fighting back. They have formed a group called “Respect ABQ Women,” and they’re drawing on support from local faith leaders.

Led by the New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, a wide range of people of faith are working to defeat the proposed abortion restriction in Albuquerque. Members of Catholics for Choice — an international organization representing Catholic people who support reproductive freedom — have joined the effort, too. This week, Catholics for Choice is placing radio ads on several local stations to highlight the religious members of the community who oppose the ballot initiative. The group will also run a print ad that includes several quotes from pro-choice Catholics in the area.

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