• matt fikse

With a total of 171,858 ballots counted, Socialist Alternative challenger Kshama Sawant has climbed to a 1,148-vote, 50.2 percent to 49.5 percent lead over 16-year incumbent Richard Conlin in their race for Seattle City Council. Sawant won a healthy 55.4 percent of today's batch of 5,646 ballots, extending her total lead outside the margin of an automatic recount. Conlin would need to win better than 55 percent of the approximately 11,000 ballots remaining in order to take back the lead.

Fat lady, sing.

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In other races, supporters of SeaTac Prop 1, the $15 minimum wage initiative, are exhaling a tiny sigh of relief after the "yes" vote's 62 percent of today's ballot drop increased it's total lead to 53 votes out 5,621 counted. This was the "yes" side's best percentage performance of any batch, but only 142 ballots were counted. Yesterday, Prop 1 led by only 19 votes. There are only about 300 ballots remaining, but since these could be coming from anywhere, they defy prediction.

As for Seattle's Prop 1—public campaign financing—it looks like too little too late. The "yes" side continued to close the gap, picking up 52.3 percent of today's 5,908 ballot batch. But that's just not enough. It continues to trail 50.7 to 49.3, and by 2,656 votes.