Where Should I Buy a New Mattress?


Everrest Mattress Company is a local mattress manufacturer that sells directly to the public, so they're a good value. And I can vouch for their quality; the one they sold me years ago is still in good shape.
Ikea mattresses have come a long way. My husband has a bad back and is super picky and we managed to find a comfortable mattress that, 1 year later, we are still very happy with. It was around $800, and also came with a longer window in which we could return it than any of the traditional mattress stores we looked at.
I've been sleeping on a watered since 1977 (not the same one, obviously). I'll never sleep on anything else. Sorry if that doesn't answer your question.
A friend recommended Sears. And with their financial woes, they've apparently been running some pretty serious sales lately.

I'm in the same situation, and so far, I've found the best customer service outside of the city. Sadly so.

Good luck!
I have a memoryfoam mattress from costco, the 'novaform' brand I think. I paid something like $800 for it 5 years ago. I tested it out briefly at the costco home store (is that still around?) and they offer deals for them in their little coupon books all the time. It's been a great mattress- no complaints at all. Delivery is really easy for memoryfoam mattresses too-- they just fedex it to you in a big box and it expands into its normal shape over the course of a few hours.
Everest Mattress on Elliot! Locally made, family business, very reasonably priced, nice people and great mattresses! They last longer than those name brand mattresses and they are flippable. http://www.everrestmattress.com/
We literally just got a new mattress from Bedrooms & More in Wallingford. They have some options that are under $1,000 and totally worth it. Staff is knowledgeable too.
a) Costco, for whatever size, flippable or not.

b) Last time I paid attention at Costco, "twin" size (single, for kids) mattresses were still flippable. Put two together to make a king. Bonus: when you move, you don't have to schlep a single giant king mattress and/or box spring. If Costco has (or lets you order) extra-long twins, they'll match king dimensions perfectly.
I would assume Costco.
They find the sweet-spot on an awful lot of products.
We have two Ikea mattresses in our house, both 3+ years old, and both performing admirably. In fact, I don't have a single complaint and would definitely buy a third Ikea mattress if I needed another one. The two of them combined cost less $1,400.
That mattress joint in Ballard next to Taco del Mar. Not just a local shop, but the mattress is locally made as well, and they've got versions made of organic hippie bullshit or something. I got mine there and it's awesome.

PLUS! Get some Taco del Mar while you're at it...? Eh? Mattress + fish tacos, can't go wrong.
IKEA. No joke.
If you buy from a local "manufacturer," make sure they're not RE-manufactured (i.e., stained bug-infested mattresses pulled out of dumpsters and crackhouses, with new exterior covering to hide the horror.
Bedrooms & More in Wallingford are great and theirs are flippable.
Bedrooms & More in the U District is the correct choice. Local and natural-ish and they know what's in their mattresses.


Soaring Heart in Fremont has the best mattresses in the city but are very expensive. Just an FYI for anyone who is rich.


Don't ever consider shopping at Macy's or Sears or Costco ever again, please. Crappy chains like that only exist for people who like paying extra to damage society and pay for godawful TV ads.
Standard sizes for beds/bedding.
I second the Novaform from Costco. We bought one 3 years ago. It was on sale for $550 or so, and it's super comfortable.

Because it's memory foam, it's the same on both sides, so there's 4 ways to rotate it (simply spinning 180 degrees, and flipping). Moving around doesn't affect your sleeping partner. It's not too hot in the summed, and not too cold in the winter. It's the perfect balance of softness and firmness. The foam is bedbug resistant by virtue.

We were able to fit the box in our car and get it home from Costco sans delivery fee.

Amazon also has some inexpensive foam mattresses w/ free delivery.
I went through a similar process a couple of years ago, when I decided it was time to replace the mattress my fella brought with him when we moved in together in 2003. Isn't it weird that there are so few options available for those of who want a decent mattress around $1000?

After trying many, many mattresses, I decided I wanted memory foam. I've heard people say that foam mattresses aren't great for doin' it -- there's no bounce -- but I haven't found that to be a problem. I couldn't bring myself to drop $1500 on TempurPedic, so we went with AngelBeds, whose entry-level mattress (I like 'em hard) has served us well for the year and a half we've had it.

If memory foam isn't your bag, I've heard good things about Ikea's high-end mattresses. Sure, their cheapo ones probably aren't going to last very long, but I have friends that swear by the $500 and up options. A lot of them have wool and natural latex components, and I like that Ikea doesn't push box springs (because personally I think box springs are bullshit).

Good luck!
Macy's. You just need to talk to a better salesperson and go when there's a sale on. Good quality and a good deal. There was an old guy working at the Northgate Macy's who actually knew what he was talking about and sold us on the cheaper one "because it's actually better" which it is.
Those mattress warehouse types of places are way too hit and miss and are run like used car lots. Maybe you're getting a sweet deal from "Kyle" or you just got suckered into paying way more for a smooth sales pitch. Meh!
Bedrooms & More has flippable mattresses, although I'm not sure on price for those specifically.

I bought a memory foam mattress on Amazon (Prime!) for under $300, as well as a down feather bed topper and I sleep like a goddamn princess. I have major back issues & need something firm, but also need to feel like I'm sleeping in a giant nest. I've been using it for a few years with no breakdown.
And I'm now having PTSD over the loss of Questionland. I miss it every single day.
didn't you guys have web ads from some mattress place with 2 guys in bed reading the paper? Go there, exploit your relationship between businesses, and make some kind of deal.

Retail pricing is for suckers, even corporate retail pricing.

Do you know anything about Costco? At all? Like even just a bit?

It doesn't seem like it since Costco DOES NOT ADVERTISE.

Plus, from what I understand, it has excellent employee practices e.g. health care.

Even at Slog, people prefer fact-based rants.

Costco. On line. I'd opt for a traditional (like a Spring Air,) but its alla matter of personal preference.
23- Yes, I'm sure they pay their workers slightly more than Walmart to sell slave labor goods & bulldoze forests to put up gigantic parking lots. Yayyy ridiculously low expectations.
Whatever you care to believe.
How old are you?
Costco for a super firm latex mattress with a feather topper. It's the perfect combo.
Here's my best recommendation:


That's a current offer for the Seattle area; a Standard Queen pillowtop w/free White Glove Delivery for $699. DO IT.

Just about a year ago, I did this. I was working on Thanksgiving Day, and a Groupon came through that offered these beautiful pillowtop mattresses. Like you, I NEEDED a new mattress, badly. I went ahead and bought it - the most expensive Groupon I'd ever bought. The mattress was delivered a few days later, carted up to my 2nd floor apt by two nice guys who unpacked it and placed it on my bedframe for me, then took away all the packaging AND my old nasty mattress'n'bed springs.

I've been in Mattress Heaven ever since.........
Hate memory foam; comfortable for ten minutes. Give this one a long thought before you buy.

Flippable ones are rarer now but you can still find them. I think they really are the best as any mattress is going to wear in from the area where the most weight is.

Bedrooms and More in Wallingford does have a knowledgeable staff.

Also, ask if whoever if they will take away your old mattress. That's an issue as well.
I got a great Simmons queen-size mattress (it doesn't need to be flipped, ever) at Sleep Country USA, at 30% discount. This was twelve years ago though. I went to the Northgate Sleep Country USA (really, NE Northgate Way has, if you include Macy's & JC Penney, at least four mattress outlets so it's worth the bus ride up to spend an hour or two testing brands) and was blown away by the customer service.

Sears will have some severely discounted high quality mattresses in its outlet, from $400-$899.
Go see Bob at Six Day Mattress in Redmond. That place is to Sleep Country what Hardwick's on Roosevelt (http://www.yelp.com/biz/hardwicks-seattl…) is to Home Depot. A little dingy and cluttered, but I found the mattress of my dreams (heh) there for $200 less than a chain store. Plus it's just nice to support an old fashioned small business when you can.
We had a great experience at the Seattle Mattress Company in Ballard, on 15th at 60th St, and would likely go there again next time we need a new mattress. Which hopefully won't be for many many years...
Seattle Mattress Company. The awesome, gay-friendly one that advertises in your own goddamn newspaper with the best ads you'll find (esp. around pride week).
Everrest, as a couple people said above. They are local, family-owned, affordable, and come with an awesome guarantee. We comparison shopped a few years ago and went with them and have NEVER regretted it. Would use them again.

You gotta rotate and flip your mattress regularly, though--no matter who you buy it from.
Soaring Heart. Local, organic. This is one of those times where you really have to put your money where your mouth is. You can rant all you want about unsustainability and corporate chains, but unless you're willing to support this type of business, then you're just full of BS.
What @18 said.

Macy's on sale
@25, Costco goes out of their way to pay living wages and full benefits to all their employees, despite pressure from Wall Street to cut them. I think the average store-worker wage is around $45,000 a year, with full health care and retirement plan. That's better than the employees at your average mom'n'pop shop get, I guarantee.

And they don't do any advertising, so your "TV ads" comment is also off-base.

Seriously, you should learn to read or something.
@22, that was Bedrooms and More in Wallingford. I totally respect that they advertised on Slog and had a gay ad too, so they'll get extra consideration when mattress shopping time comes around again.
+1 for Soaring Heart. I have one of their mattresses, Latex core with 2" of wool around that... super great. I've had it for nearly 10 years and it's awesome still. With a black cotton casing around it, you can put it out in the Sun to air and thoroughly dry out. Works a treat. Also flippable.

I think, though, that in the future when I have to get another situation, I'll opt for 3 thin futons (2 of wool, 1 of latex), Japanese style, so that I can very easily lift them up and air them out. One big futon/mattress is a pain to move around. Not sure where those are sold locally though.
I've had a memory foam style mattress from ikea for about 5 years now and it's just as good now as when I bought it.
A more cringe-inducing "custom made," "brand-new" mattress investigative report than my link @13:

Mattresses are marked up like 200% so never pay sticker. Talk them down like a car.
Btw, much as I like Costco, I actually ending up buying mattress, box set and frame for about $550 at the Sleep Country in Roosevelt.

It's been 6-7 years and I sleep very well.
A related question: what's the best way to dispose of your old mattress/futon?
I've also been happy with the costco memory foam mattress in a box. It has the advantage of being a mattress I could fit into my car. Though it was surprisingly heavy.
translated #3-

i have been sleeping by myself since 1977. on the rare occasions when i have had sex it has been on the greasy couch in front of my b&w TV.
Another one here for Seattle Mattress Company. Super comfy, good deals, locally made, etc etc,
came in here to blow your mind with THE BEST/CHEAPEST MATTRESS EVAR but several people have beaten me to the punch - Amazon has a queen size memory foam mattress that are delivered rolled up in a heavy-ass tube. for $285. it's an insane deal. one person upthread said they find memory foam to be uncomfortable, so maybe try sitting on one in a store first, but I love it, my partner loves it, everyone who has ever sat on it loves it. I was afraid it would just be like a super duper big mattress pad, but no - it's a full on mattress, really heavy and thick. I have had Ikea mattresses, Sears mattresses, and this is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever been anywhere near. I come home from vacation longing for my mattress. and it only cost $285 with shipping. DO IT. http://www.amazon.com/LUCID%C2%AE-LinenS…

p.s. I know...Amazon. I try not to buy from them when I have viable local alternatives. but when it's a $700 price difference between an awesome product and a low-end product, I gotta do what's right for me.
Buying a mattress is such a minefield! Preferences are super-personal; note for example that some people are crazy for memory-foam, while others loathe them (I can't stand them myself). I don't think that this in-depth 4-page overview is behind a paywall -

Consumer Reports Mattress buying guide
37- Their awful products are sold thru TV ads and use the worst labor practices. I didn't mean their parking lot has TV ads.
We got a memory foam mattress off of Amazon for less than $300 including shipping (Prime!), and it's fantastic. I was really wary about the decision when we were making it, but I couldn't be happier.

@44 If the mattress is getting delivered, many delivery companies will take the old one at no charge. Barring that, Craigslist.
@44: hold onto it until Sept 1, aka Free Used Mattress Day in the U District. Which is also my answer to Christopher's original question.
Bedrooms and More in Wallingford.
I've got an Ikea mattress and both my girlfriend and I love it.
Bedrooms & More!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are so nice!

And their mattresses are so comfy!!!!
I went to that Mattress Depot about four years ago when shopping for a new mattress - somehow the sales guy and I started talking churchy talk, and at the end he kept repeating some line about gay people not being accepted into heaven or something. I don't remember his name, but it was creepy enough that I won't go back there.

For the price range you listed, probably Costco, Ikea or Macy's would be the best bets. It's hard to try the Costco mattresses though, because most are online only. I didn't like the Sealy Posturpedic they had in the warehouse, so I kept looking.

I wound up going with Soaring Heart - I have bad dust mite allergies, and the wool and latex they use are much better for me. I replaced my mattress and pillows, and it was the best thing I ever did for myself. They used to have some more affordable (non-organic) options, but now it looks like they only sell the more expensive organic options - the latex mattress, wool topper, and cotton mattress pad I bought now cost almost $3500 for a queen size.

I would recommend getting a firm mattress and some kind of separate topper; it's much easier to flip the topper to prevent valleys and replace just the topper when it looses cushiness. I know Ikea has both pieces, because I've been thinking about replacing my topper.
Get ye to Northgate Way, where many mattress stores reside. I bought a couple of pretty good quality for a reasonable price from Mattress Discounters.
Much better options in Seattle, but for Salt Lake....not so much.

However, bought my dad a new mattress at Macy's this summer - decent salesperson, better price, and fabulous home delivery. They came prepared to vacuum under the bed after they carted out the old mattress (had already done that though) and they dusted off the bedframe and asked about a bed skirt once they had the new box springs down. They were careful moving everything in - even suggested an alternate entrance (back door thru the garage) so as to prevent any possible door frame damage with the box spring. Macy's delivery was awesome!
Got a mattress for my mother later in the summer - local Utah company - and delivery compared to Macy's was abysmal.
So next mattress purchase in Utah will be via Macy's.
I'll add a vote for Seattle Mattress Company in Ballard. We spent a weekend traveling to stores all over the area and found these folks friendly, honest and not-at-all pushy. They delivered and picked up our old set. The new one is flippable. We would definitely go there again.
My wife and I still have the mattress we got at Ikea (the Seattle Ikea!) 12 years ago. It's still in good shape - no noticeable valleys or other wear. We may need to replace it for reasons of general freshness, but it was built solid.

I used to live a block from Soaring Heart. I think I would have spent money there if I was furnishing my downtown penthouse. Real nice, real expensive.
If your mattress retailer won't take your old one away, get a different retailer. They might charge you a little: pay it.

Also, while innumerable cranky websites will tell you that it is illegal to buy a mattress on a Sunday in the State of Washington, that doesn't appear to be true. There's certainly nothing about it in the RCW or the Seattle Municipal Code.
We bought a lovely mattress at The Sears outlet store a few years back. It's been a trouper.
Hey Frizzelle, before you go and buy a new mattress, do some Googling about how to prop up a sagging mattress... Last summer I bought a new Queen mattress from Macy's. It was a pretty good buying experience, but after a few weeks with the new mattress I felt like it was already sagging and that maybe I should have bought a firmer mattress than I did. So I returned to Macy's, tried another one out, and under their warranty program returned the former mattress and replaced it with the firmer one. About a month later I started to notice the same body-shaped cavity developing in this mattress that developed in the previous mattress. I did some online research and basically found that ALL mattresses are designed to give out at some point, otherwise how and why would they sell new mattresses? I also found that I was not the only one with this problem. For reference, I'm six feet tall and about 185 pounds. I was pretty disappointed in the firm queen mattress I purchased until I did a Google search about how to prop up a sagging mattress. I don't remember the search term I used but I do remember that a few weeks later Tiger Woods fell out of contention at a tournament after claiming he slept on a bad sagging hotel mattress and that had he known what I knew from my research perhaps he would have won. Here's the deal: before you go and spend your hard-saved $1000 you could first try stuffing some old pillows, blankets, memory foam, what have you, between your mattress and the frame. You could also first put a flat board down on the frame and see what effect that has on it. I was amazed at the effect this had and has continued to have on my mattress, which wasn't cheap at Macy's and which was very firm. You'll have to experiment with placement of whatever cushioning devices you put down there and you'll have to readjust them every now and then, but I can honestly say that I haven't had a problem with the sagging since and that this made me wonder if I could have just continued on with the old cheap but in good condition full mattress I used to have. I really only upsized to a queen to give me and my girlfriend some more sleeping room. Too bad we broke up before she had a chance to sleep on the new queen mattress...now that I've got it all propped up it's really quite nice. If you know any nice, funny, well-read single ladies looking for a good night's sleep, feel free to send them my way. Happy sleeping, man!

If you are buying a new mattress, the custom is for the merchant to take the old mattress away and I presume send it to the dump. Can't remember if it is usually an extra charge or folded into the price.
There are three mattress recyclers in the area now who take them apart and recycle the parts.
So ask whoever you buy your new one from if they'll take back and recycle your old mattress - some do neither, both or only take back and dump your old mattress.
@ 61, there used to be a futon store right at the SE corner of Aurora and Northgate, back in the late 90s/early 00's when that area was my neighborhood, and they advertise a "weekend sale" every freaking weekend. Not just once a month. (The sign would disappear during the week, so it wasn't just a case of lazy sign placement.) Unless futons were exempt somehow, I'd say that there is no way that it's illegal to buy mattresses on Sunday.

Come to think of it, I'm almost certain we bought our mattress from Ikea on a Sunday. We usually didn't feel like going out shopping on Saturdays. It was a bit of an adventure because we tied the set to our roof and drove at street level all the way back to Greenwood (167 eventually turns into Rainier Ave S, which is how we got back into town), so I remember that day pretty well.
You should be caring less about where you buy a mattress and more about the type of mattress. Sack up and get a TempurPedic. They really are amazing mattresses. You won't have to worry about any body indentations. Good sleep is worth it.
We bought our mattress from Seattle Mattress in Ballard and it is perfectly fine. memory foam. Id never slept on memory foam before and it took a bit of getting used to. Hot in summer.

what I would do now is buy 2 extra long twins non-memory foam and then a king size 3" memory foam and mattress pad to keep the whole thing in order.
If you can get it up from the Portland area, Park Lane makes amazingly comfortable, affordable mattresses. And they're manufactured in Tualatin, OR (I think by union workers?) and there are sustainable options. We've bought two from them and they're both excellent. I would absolutely rent a truck and go down to Portland if I needed to buy another mattress.
It really seems like the comment stream for Frizzelle's new love nest should end at the auspicious number "69"—but I just noticed that wxPDX's recommended source has a page for mattress recycling the RIGHT way (i.e. not using any parts in new mattresses) and that's worth pointing out.
Bedrooms and more on 45th in Wallingford. Amazing. I felt so informed. They offer a free "how to it a mattress" talk on the weekend. It's not about sales or pimping their products. It's about the mattress industry and what to look for and what to avoid. They have two sides so you can flip and get twice he mattress life (like in the old days). They also have natural latex or rubber (with photos of the latex farm in Cambodia). Go to the seminar, at least. Makes most sense financially to buy two sides and a mattresstopper if you wantpillow top softness
Costco foam mattress. Best sleep of my life... :)

Actually lowers the 15-30 minutes it used to take me to fall asleep to like 5 mins.
Get a Sleep Number bed (yes, the air ones). Their base models are a little over $1K (by that I mean, with tax and shipping, probably $1050-1100) for a queen, delivered (assembled in Minnesota, they ship them UPS in a handful of boxes and putting it together takes 1.5 people (or one really coordinated person, I did mine myself) and about 30 minutes). It's the best money I've ever spent in my life. 9 years later, and it's like brand new. Because it's filled with AIR. So if it sags (I find that this happens every few months...not like a "guest" air mattress that won't stay inflated for more than 20 minutes), you just pump it up a little using the nifty remote. Two bonuses: (1) insanely comfortable; (2) a queen size weighs about 20 pounds, so it's insanely easy to move. Okay, 3: 20 year warranty, so you won't need to shell out money again for twice as long.
The more expensive ones are the best ones. I bought a bed from a mattress store in Cape Coral, FL and it was the best bed I had ever slept in.
The more expensive ones are the best ones. I bought a bed from a mattress store in Cape Coral, FL and it was the best bed I had ever slept in.
You'll want to check out Essentia. http://www.myessentia.com

It's Tempur-pedic but natural.

They have a store in Seattle off First ave between Virginia and Lenora.
I avoid mattress stores anymore because of the high pressure and real concerns about getting a used mattress (look it up - lots of stories) I had a sleep number (bought in a store) but after 10 yrs of pain went to http://www.ebed.com and did a mattress comparison - wife & I chose one (The Milan) and have been sleeping pain free since (6 months) the mattress was made new days before we got it and still sealed in plastic. Go online and do research and consider buying direct form a manufacturer vs the mattress stores. That's my 2 cents! John
#77: I'm glad I'm not the only one who HATES Sleep Number. I've had it with this company. They don't sell anything in the store except pillows. I bought my mattress in 1996. It was OK for awhile although my husband always hated it. I defended it because it was highly rated {CR rates it well}. My massage therapist even recommended it. The pump failed on one side so we had to switch back and forth to fill the separate chambers. Even though it's guaranteed for 20 years, neither the store nor Customer SERVICE (!?) is helpful if your mattress is older. They talked to me like I was too cheap to buy a NEW ONE. I could go on and on. MISERABLE COMPANY!
Another vote for Bedrooms & More in Wallingford, corner of 45th & Latona, just outside the U District. Family-owned, totally LGBT-friendly, great selection, natural/eco/botanical latex. They also have spring coil mattresses & gorgeous bedding. Very fair prices, never inflated. And they deliver!