Yes, they're still counting ballots in King County, and yes there's still one race left to decide. Except, not really. SeaTac Prop 1, the $15 minimum wage initiative, evenly split today's batch of 118 ballots, leaving the measure up by 46 votes, 50.4 percent to 49.6 percent, with few ballots left remaining to count. In fact, the latest reports show SeaTac counting 6,046 ballots, despite having only 6,039 ballots verified and ready to count. (The county reports receiving 6,199 ballots, but these ballot reports are always unofficial and subject to change. Typically, about 2 to 3 percent of received ballots won't be counted because they arrived too late or did not include valid signatures.)

A few more ballots will certainly be added to the mix by the November 25 deadline, but unless somebody is sitting on a batch of 47 no votes, this race is over.

Meanwhile, Kshama Sawant continued to build her lead over Richard Conlin with yet another strong batch of late ballots. Sawant now leads by 2,967 votes, 50.63 percent to 49.01 percent. That represents 1.62 percent lead and a stunning 9.05 percent swing from election night. I don't believe that we have ever seen a campaign close this strong since King County went to all vote-by-mail elections.