It's Not Racism If You're Willing to Pull Your Gun on White Women, Too


Also, since Zimmerman pulled his gun on a black male not part of his household, it hurts the argument that choking and pointing a gun at his girlfriend is domestic violence.

(Also, do we know that his girlfriend is white?)
Whatever I am just glad he OJ'ed himself.
If George Zimmerman had lived the rest of his life without ever doing a single other bad thing, that would've "hurt [our] argument." It would've "proven" that he was a good man who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. What's actually happened is an incredibly disturbing indictment of our legal system and of gun owner ideology. But this conversation is perhaps a bit too nuanced for even Twitter.
@ 1 Yes she was on the news last night she is, or appears white I should say.
That's one of the stupidest attempts at "logic" I think I've ever seen - and being a resident SLOGGER, I've seen a LOT!
And if it turns out he gets harsher punishment for pulling a gun on a white woman, over KILLING a black kid?
yes, you're right Paul, he should have said "Ta-daaaaaaah!"

You are a master of looking at life like a cartoon comic book. So hurry up now, milk and cookies are waiting for you at the table. Then to bed, Mister.

Thanks. I know her name is out, and I would have guessed she was white, but I wasn't aware that her image had been shown.
Isn't he Hispanic? Then it IS race based!
@7 Hasn't that already happened? Since he wasn't arrested after the murder of Trayvon Martin he didn't have to post bail. It wasn't until a month later that he was actually charged and had a release hearing.
Any race rhetoric from here on out regarding George Zimmerman is just a meaningless, endless, ping pong match between two sides tying to out-spite each other for their respective selfish and sophomoric political narratives. That goes for the right as well as for the left.
Ahh the Virgin Ben (™ Tbogg), I thought he finally had gone though the entire Wingnut Welfare tree and was working at Arby's finally.
@9 Seriously. Who would look at this guy as boyfriend material?
"There is no racial bigotry here! I do not look down on niggers, kikes, wops, or greasers... Here, you are all equally worthless!"
I drew a comic of George shooting Trayvon. The first panel has George yelling "Ta-daaaaaaah!" at an unsuspecting Trayvon. And the second panel has George's gun firing with a jagged balloon that says "Blam!"

This is the first in a series called:
"If a Slog Author Were To Participate in the Comment Thread"
Someday somebody is going to teach Zimmerman a lesson.
I think it's pretty clear that Zimmerman is incapable of learning anything.
He has a good point. If you are a misogynist you can't ALSO be racist. Common sense folks.

5280 would look at Zimmerman as boyfriend material, if he were less homophobic.
Turns out Zimmerman is just an asshole. Much like Ben Shapiro.
5280 is straight? Are you guys sure?
Ben, Ben, Ben... Take a course in Logic! One does not mean the other.
Why don't you just ignore anything to do with Breitbart? They love the pagehits and attention.
Mammals are pink.
Elephants are mammals.
Therefore, elephants are pink.
@27: That is actually sound logic; it's the given statement that "mammals are pink" that is wrong.
"Woman Is the Nigger of the World" -- John Lennon