"Maybe 'Consecrate' Was Big Then"


It's part of the new Ken Burns documentary in the making about the Gettysburg Address. There's a whole website devoted to folk reading the address.
Paul, did you see last month's pictorial?
Jerry Seinfeld's 30 million dollar house, great photos, amazing digs, especially the family portrait. They look so fun, extremely natural, at ease, and mom is serving freshly baked cupcakes!

Doesn't say in the article, but I heard the house even has an Underground Railroad in the basement! Apparently Jerry's paying top dollar, $15/hr, to unemployed people to do the Railroad thing when they entertain guests. And the workers also get a cupcake as a perk. Win-Win.
I find it amusing when writing or speeches like this play down their own importance, only to end up being better-known than the events they refer to. I could barely tell you a goddamn thing about what the Battle of Gettysburg meant but everyone recognizes this speech when they hear it.


If you don't know what the battle of Gettysburg means then you fail as an American.

At the very least you should know that it was the bloodiest battle in our nation's history (50,000 + casualties in 3 days, vs 58,000 U.S. dead in the entire Vietnam War) and that it is considered the high point of the Confederacy -- after his loss, Lee would never again threaten the North. The rest of the war was fought in the south. If Lee had won the battle and then swung around to attack DC from behind our nation would not exist today.

Seriously, you need to go back to high school and take a US history class; you embarrass yourself.
@5, I've got a feeling you don't know nearly as much about passionate_jus and how much he or she knows about Gettysburg and the Civil War as you think you do.
@5, don't you have anything better to do than sit around being a jackass on Slog?
I'm with Louis. "It gets me -- here -- every time."