On Thursday, November 21, a social media fanatic named Nick Starr entered Lost Lake wearing Google Glass, only to be asked by a manager to remove the nonprescriptive glasses or leave the restaurant. At which point, Starr writes on Facebook, he “asked to see where it was policy for Glass to be disallowed at Lost Lake. [The manager] said she couldn't provide any.” As Starr was leaving the restaurant, he noted that the Lost Lake menu encourages customers to “Post photos on our website via Instagram by using #LostLake.” Starr asks rhetorically: “So how is an establishment which is REQUESTING photos be taken, not allow me to bring a device which takes photos and can post to Instagram?”

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At this point, you're probably asking yourself, who's the bigger asshole in this situation? Let me clear that up for you: Starr is the bigger asshole. Not only do restaurants reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, but Starr's request that the manager be fired for daring to ask him to remove his stupid Glass(es) pretty much cinches it: “I would love an explanation, apology, clarification, and if the staff member was in the wrong and lost the owner money last night and also future income as well, that this income be deducted from her pay or her termination,” he writes on Facebook.

That's exactly the kind of asshole response you'd expect from someone wearing Google Glass.

But wait! The story doesn't end there! Today Lost Lake sent out a Facebook message and corresponding tweet clarifying its stance on Google Glass:

We kindly ask our customers to refrain from wearing and operating Google Glasses inside Lost Lake. We also ask that you not videotape anyone using any other sort of technology. If you do wear your Google Glasses inside, or film or photograph people without their permission, you will be asked to stop, or leave. And if we ask you to leave, for God's sake, don't start yelling about your "rights". Just shut up and get out before you make things worse.

And it's not over. It'll never be over.