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  • Darin Shuler
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This Saturday, the Short Run small press festival is happening at Washington Hall from 11 to 6. I cannot recommend this event enough. If you like comics, books, or visual art, this is absolutely your jam.

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Here's a list of exhibitors who will be at the show. I'm excited to visit some publishers like Alice Blue, Chin Music, Wave Books, and Fantagraphics to see what they've been up to lately. Some of the great artists who'll have work at the show include Peter Bagge, Jim Woodring, Jen Vaughn, J.R.R. Williams, and David Lasky & Greg Stump.

Be sure to stop by with an empty stomach—food trucks and a bake sale figure into the day's events. Other events include readings, "transformative hair-brushing," haiku, a collaborative mural, a panel about women in comics, and a couple performance pieces. Saturday night features a "Comics Prom" afterparty with beer, comics corsages, and music from Pony Time, the Shivas, and Specs Wizard. There will also be plenty of process-focused events happening all day on Friday in a pre-Short Run event called Read/Write at the Vera Project. Here's a schedule of both days. You could probably clear away about half of your Christmas shopping list at this show, or you could just be greedy and keep everything for yourself. Either way, you should go.