"Fortune and Glory, Kid. Fortune and Glory"


I hate the Rat King.
I can't see where they would go with this in terms of movies. Maybe they'll re-boot the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles?

You really have to kind of let this stuff go. It's like you're family home being turned into a condo. Something to do with the second law of thermodynamics.

Besides, you can barely get more Disney than Last Crusade. Didn't bother to see that other one.

If the remake is by J. J. Abrams, there will be lens flares when they nuke the fridge.

Only this time, the Old Dude will die and be replaced by a male model.

I've seen parts of the last one--Crystal Skull--when it's been on cable. I think South Park got it right when they had that "Indy gets 'Deliveranced' by Lucas and Spielberg" episode. There's a part where Indy's son swings through a jungle like Tarzan chasing and keeping up with a speeding jeep driven by Soviet agents. That's how bad it was.
Oops, I meant @2.
Well I, for one, welcome our new mouse overlords.
Oh no! They're gonna make more movies and it will interfere with my enjoyment of the original trilogy.
Well. Disney got the production rights to Indiana Jones along with Star Wars when they bought Lucasfilm this summer; this is just them also gobbling up the distribution rights from Paramount.
In my humble opinion, the LucasArts buyout was probably better than leaving it under the control of George Lucas. Disney, surprisingly, is actually a fairly competent entertainment company right now. I think their new leadership has convinced them not to shit where they eat (on their IP). I don't expect amazing things, but I expect competent management and maybe a couple great movies. Disney looks to be very stable financially, so they probably won't get into their penny pinching old ways in a hurry.
So far as I can tell, Disney does not yet own masturbation or Gummy Bears.
I can't believe I was beaten to the masturbation joke.
your childhood obsessions are pretty fucking mainstream, paul. maybe that's why they bought them.

marvel/disney still haven't figured a way to monetize dr. strange, monetizing doc savage utterly failed, and LOTR was done exceedingly well. so my childhood obsessions are safe.
Spielberg and Lucas originally intended to spin off and recast Jones ala Bond, so I have no problem with this. Raiders is my favorite movie of all time, and nothing the house of mouse can do will ever change that.

I'm with #14. There's money to be made in the Indiana Jones franchise, so something is going to happen. Disney has a decent track record of handling such situations; that's not a ringing endorsement, but this property's previous owner, one George Lucas, has spent the last two decades utterly wrecking everything he touches, so I'll take the bland competence of the soulless rodent of Anaheim in preference.
@10, you're right on the former at least...

Is there a version of Raiders yet in which the Egyptian swordsman shoots first?
@17 Well, he certainly swings first. But that said, that scene has always troubled me.

Well, the whole film is basically a colonialist fantasy. The entire sequence itself, with Indy jumping into a crowd of indistinguishable Egyptians knocking their baskets over, pretty much illustrates the Western domination theme of the whole film. (I had a classmate in college whose family had immigrated from Iran tell me that anyone who did that would not have left that market unshived.)
Oops, I meant @18.

And now that I think about it, at that moment, the swordsman stood some distance away and was swinging the sword in order to intimidate, not to actually strike. So it's no more an actual attack than Greedo's threatening line, "That's the idea," after Han says, "Over my dead body."