Mandela: He made the impossible possible. He was of the left. He was not a saint. And as Humanosphere's Tom Paulson asks, who are the Mandelas of today?

It's Freezing Out Here: Check out these tips from my other hometown's water utility on protecting your pipes and faucets.

Resisting Big Brother: The author of the Patriot Act says the chief of the NSA should be prosecuted for lying, while Microsoft calls government surveillance an "advanced persistent threat."

Pot Party Celebrating Legalization Goes Down: Check out the dude jammin' in the bright pink pants when they cut to the live reporter.

Liberalism: 1) Bill Clinton pressured South Africa under Mandela to "adopt trade policies that benefited U.S. corporations while restricting South African access to drugs treating HIV and AIDS," and 2) NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio ran against stop-and-frisk but looks set to continue it.

Foreclosure Bonanza: In Renton yesterday, supporters protested the foreclosure of a 74-year-old woman, while on Beacon Hill, Kshama Sawant and others picketed Bank of America.

Feckless: The SEC isn't including a proposal to force companies to disclose political contributions to shareholders on its regulatory agenda. Thanks, SEC!

Meth House: College students renting a home in Bellingham started feeling "dizzy and lethargic" before they realized something was amiss.

Petty Republicans Scupper State Climate Change Panel: "No, no, no. You started this fight," insisted Rep. Shelly Short when Governor Jay Inslee expressed his disappointment at the panel's lack of progress.

HD 106906: Shouldn't exist.

The Van Damme stunt in Gaza, minus the corporate messaging: