Seattle police now have an official Tumblr blog: SPD Unredacted. The upside: DOG GIFS FOR REALZ! That GIF on the right is a Bomb Squad K9 named Dennis sniffing a tree.

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The downside: It's not really uncensored or unredacted. "Don’t take the page’s name completely literally," says the debut post, "sometimes we may post documents with names or other info redacted in order to protect crime victims." Here's the SPD Tumblr manifesto:

We think Tumblr is the perfect space to tell visual stories [ed's note: like Labradors sniffing piss] that we can’t always do justice to through Tweets and blog posts. Basically, this page will act as a bit of an online museum and archive.

When we say we’re stepping up patrols in a precinct or a neighborhood, we’ll show you what that looks like, too, through pictures and video.

We can write all we want about how our investigators solved a crime after finding fingerprints at a scene. But meticulous forensic work remains much more impressive when you actually see it.

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SPD says it will also use the Tumblog to answer questions from fellow Tumblr-ers, showcase the department's history, and share "photos of things from our strange office."

What's next, Pinterest? Vines from body cameras? Go forth and conquer the social medias, SPD! You shall be rewarded with hearts and minds.

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