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Ed Murray just unveiled much of his new staff at a press conference. We'll get to editorializing soon enough (you know we will!) but for now, a quick list of the new hires.

There are three larger structural changes he's trumpeting today: First, he's hiring two deputy mayors—one with an external, community focus and one with an internal, city government focus. Second, he's bringing the position of budget director back inside the mayor's office. And he's also creating a new department, called the "Office of Policy and Innovation," full of people serving as in-house policy consultants.

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The new "executive leadership team":

Deputy Mayor, external: Hyeok Kim
Salary: $170,000

Interim Deputy Mayor, internal: Andrea Riniker
Salary: $170,000

Budget Director: Ben Noble
Salary: $170,000

Director of the Office of Policy and Innovation: Robert Feldstein
Salary: $170,000

Communications Director: Jeff Reading
Salary: $140,000

Lead hires in the new Office of Policy and Innovation:

Deputy Director: Mike Fong
Salary: $130,000

Transit and Transportation: Andrew Glass Hastings
Salary: $118,000

Organizational Effectiveness: Steve Lee
Salary: $118,000

Police Chief Search and Police Reform: Tina Podlodowski
Salary: $118,000

Waterfront and Seawall: Jared Smith
Salary: $160,000

The mayor also announced new department heads, including a replacement for Julie Nelson, whose firing we reported this morning. Three are permanent, two are interim:

Department Heads:

Personnel Director: Susan Coskey
Salary: $175,000

Office of Civil Rights Director: Patricia Lally
Salary: $151,000

Housing Director: Steve Walker
Salary: $145,000

Interim Director, Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs: Aaliyah Gupta
Salary: $116,000

Interim Director, Seattle Department of Transportation: Goran Sparrman
Salary: $176,000

Almost most interesting is a couple of hires who didn't make the big press release lists but who he announced today, and who seem to be serving as advisors/outreach folks in the mayor's office. We've asked for clarification on those job titles and will add them as soon as we get 'em, but one name stood out: Rahwa Habte, who, as Murray phrased it on the podium, will be a "youth outreach individual." We love Rahwa! Really.

UPDATE 1:40 p.m.: Those other positions are:

External Affairs Manager: Maggie Thompson
Salary: $90,000

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Outreach Manager: Uriel Ybarra
Salary: $72,000

Youth Outreach Manager: Rahwa Habte
Salary: (not finalized)

Advance: Haptamu Abdi
Salary: (not finalized)