• Kelly O
Tomorrow evening, there's a group show at Vermillion Art Gallery about the apartment building I've lived in since 2002. Lots of artists are showing work, since lots of artists have lived there. In a sea of pricey Capitol Hill condos, The Laurelton has remained pretty much unchanged. The ole Laurel's also got, uh, kind of a "reputation."

Says artist, Stranger Genius, and former Laurelton resident Ellen Forney in the press release: “It seems like every artist in Seattle has either lived in the Laurelton or slept with someone who lived in the Laurelton.”

And I wrote this back in 2004, about my beloved new home, in a Stranger article called "Sexual Real Estate":

It always struck me funny that my apartment building looked just like my junior high school. Then, even in my first few nights there, I realized that the building was similar in more ways than one. I had moved into the Home of the Horny Teenager. More specifically, the Home for Horny Teenage Girls. My almost exclusively female neighbors aren't literally teens—quite the opposite. Most of the women in my building are in their 30s and are extremely creative people: artists, writers, independents. They're also the hottest, craziest, and sexiest women I've ever met. And the LOUDEST. I've never heard so much sex in any apartment in my entire life. From the moans and groans and actual bed frames breaking and crashing onto the floor in the apartment above me to the tantric, mind-blowingly long sessions in the apartment next door, this is one randy establishment...

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Will an orgy break out at the opening? I can't promise it, but I wouldn't be surprised by it either. A long list of participating artists, after the jump...

Adam Balfour, Alex Bleecker, Alexandra Roxo, Amelia Bonow, Amos Miller, Ben Beres, Ben Blum, Brian Sendelbach, Christian Petersen, Corinna Ann Rosendahl, Cyan James, Daniel Viox, Ellen Forney, Greg Stump, Hale May, Jake Fennel, Jason Lutes, Jen Santo Domingo, Karla Tull-Esterbrook, Kelly O, Kendal Tull-Esterbrook, Lilah Steece, Margo Lauritzen, Melanie Noel, Michael McKinney, Miss Knomia, NKO, Pipi Deer, Stefan Gruber, Tessa Hulls, Timothy Firth, Tora Hennessey, Vida Rose, and Whitney Ford-Terry

Show curated by Tessa Hulls