Quick, Look Up "Stuck" in a Thesaurus! A gigantic tunneling machine is stuck under Seattle right now. The state is busy coming up with other, more positive ways to say that the drill is stuck.

New Blood: Mayor-elect Ed Murray announces staff shake-ups which include the firing of city civil rights director Julie Nelson.

We Can't Wait: Goldy says the Seattle Times wants you to wait on the $15 an hour minimum wage because the Seattle Times thinks you're stupid.

How Christ-Like of Him: Mars Hill is trying to pin the Mark Driscoll Plagiarism scandal on a "research assistant." The Christian media isn't buying it.

Bipartisanship Sucks: Senator Patty Murray and Paul Ryan announced a bipartisan budget compromise. It passed the House. It's not very good.

What's the Dumbest Media Obsession This Week? Obama's communist handshake, Obama's funeral selfie, or the fact that Megyn Kelly is an idiot?

Smooth Move, Ex-Lax: Goldy tried to combat misogyny by using a sexist headline. It didn't work. Sorry, Goldy. I think your intentions were good, but the point you were making didn't need to be made.

Boeing CEO Is a Dick: On the other hand, Goldy is doing wonderful work covering the Boeing negotiations. He's providing a valuable outlet for Boeing workers to talk about how they feel, too.

Best/Most Depressing Headline of the Week: "Chinese Smog Good for Chinese People, Chinese Media Says."

Fuck a Duck: I love Charles Mudede's current Duck Dynasty obsession.

In the (Drag) Race: Congratulations to Ben De La Creme!

Have You Given to the Holiday Charity Challenge? If you have, thank you so much! If you haven't yet, I wish you would at least consider it.