America, Fuck Yeah!


These are marketing computer generated quirks and are really no different than an 'Impeach Obama' on Slog.
@1, you are dead wrong.

On many websites, the ads are completely automated, and in fact the owners of the websites often don't know and have little control over what is being autogenerated for ads. So you're half-right.

In newspapers, an actual human places those ads, and the type is laid out around it. Sure, the ad department and the journalists are in different departments, but some layout editor somewhere saw this, however briefly, and it didn't register that this might be insensitive and/or offensive.

Or even worse, some malicious dick might even have done this on purpose.
The U-T San Diego (formerly San Diego Union-Tribune) has long been a right-leaning mouthpiece and still is.

Before its most recent sale to conservative developer Doug Manchester, the U-T was run by David Copley, a rather dissolute gay man who was the adoptive son of James Copley. David Copley was a "useless fag" in the same way that Mary Cheney was a "useless dyke."

Herb Klein, a former Nixon operative, was Editor-in-Chief of the Copley Press for many years.
look at this "sentence". . .

The @UTsandiego put a #gun show ad next to article about #Colorado #Arapahoe School Shooting h/t @drolland @jwalcher

what the fuck is that? what does it say? i cannot read it, but i can get a vague understanding of it.

when did english become an alien language?

also, fuck twitter.

and why does danny quote its own twits as a post?

why not just say what you want and post it?

"Xtian college sent my kid literature and I am buttsore about it"

there. was that so difficult?
@7 - In the spirit of the season THANK YOU for the gift of laughter you have given so many over the course of this year. In your own (very) little way, you have brought Joy into many people's lives this year. Merry Christmas to you!
To the gun nuts, the ad is very appropriate - the shooting wouldn't happen if more people had guns, so they will say.
Thanks for the history lesson, but can we just erase San Diego from our minds? On my radar first there was that recent Mayor who like Goldie, is super creepy in his actions toward women, and now this newspaper thing. Yuck all over.

@1 this is why nobody respects you on Slog. How does it feel to be so wrong about so many things so often?

Honestly, little gay raindrop, you bring that old phrase to mind: if you were to post that the sky is blue I would run outside to check.
This reminds me of when I heard a national story on a local
radio station, and I knew the story to be absolutely false. I called the radio station and was told by their staff that the news comes direct off the news service AND IS NOT EDITED OR CHECKED by the local station. It just "streams" onto the local airways. So....there ya go. Nobody minding the store these days, I guess. Great, huh.
@12: Oh, is raindrop gay? I thought he was just an asshole. Can one be gay and an asshole at the same time?
Oh, is raindrop gay? I thought he was just an asshole. Can a gay person be an asshole?
at least they don't fabricate and publish bullshit lawsuits about it unregistered comment eleven
@14&15: don't forget he was little gay raindrop for Romney last year.
How do people know he was Gay Dude for Romney? I accept the claim, but was it admitted at some point, or did someone actually figure it out?
Those who advocate for protection from guns need to take a page from Operation Rescue: Start standing outside of gun shops and sporting goods stores that sell guns with huge posters of the bullet-riddled bodies of dead children.
This ad is a reflection of market analytics, I bet. Gun sales always spike after school shootings. Just in case we "libruls" come to take teh gunz.
@12: And good evening to you too. I was half-right, as noted by @3, and although I know nothing of the current day newspaper industry, it would be very reasonable to assume that computers aid in the layout of print pages as much as they do web pages. Moreover, the logistics of the size of the ad and the length of the adjacent stories is something that software can help with very nicely.
Still, the layout editor should have caught the error, and yes there is a reasonable suspicion that this was deliberate. For that, I stand corrected.
Perhaps in the future, software metadata could be attributed to ads and to news articles that could be used to alert the program that one of them could cause ruffled feathers and so should be sent to another page.

@21 tl;dr -- eat shit and die. You and the gun fuckheads: fuck you all.
@22: So I'm a gun fuckhead because I comment on the logistics of ad placements near gun shooting articles?
Also, a "tldr" followed by a "eat shit and die" indicates a feeble mind. I feel sorry for you.
Furthermore, a lot of us have grown weary of dealing with read-to-pounce crocodile tear-ridden patronizing so-called social crusaders extrapolating every media nuance surrounding a tragic event into something they can be offended over just because of their insatiable thirst for being offended.


thats an empty threat coming from a dickless pusslegut...
so when will Danny and the HomoLiberals posters on Slog get up in arms about homosexual sex?

WAY WAY deadlier than gun ownership.

is it because the victims are usually homosexuals and black women?

that's not very nice.....
@21 You were all wrong, and don't try to weasel your way out of it, you fuckup.

That's the truly despicable thing about you and your ilk of red-state conservative fucksticks. You guys just can't ever admit when you fucked shit up. You have no introspection, no self-awareness, and you don't give a goddamn shit about the wake of trouble and lies you leave behind.

And this is why you get no respect on Slog, little dear gay dude for Raindrop.
surely there is some more meaningful way to spends ones life than panting after raindrop?

Ok, yikes. I also was considering posting to disagree with raindrop, but his post @21 is reasonable enough and the sudden raindrop hate-fest is disturbing.

Disagreeing with him is one thing, but these personal attacks are disgusting. I thought better of slog.
Yeah, this discussion took a nasty turn when it could be a productive discussion on the logical disconnect between the two sides in the gun debate. My logic says: if you don't like gun violence, decrease the number of guns. The other side believes more guns leads to more safety. We could actually analyze the data, but the NRA and other pro-gun groups have stopped government programs under the CDC that would have collected that data. (My logic says you wouldn't stop a study if you believed the data would support your claim.) Anyway, we've got to get some middle ground, logic, and useful legislation on this issue rather than let the extremists hold us hostage with their fear.
Just one dead?

@29: There are two reasons to not want a study: 1) Because you fear the results, but 2) because "studying" the issue legitimizes it. I don't think that's what is happening here, but the second is a very important reason to remember, since anti-skepticism forces are often trying to get us to "study" things for which there is only one factual side, and while we may have no doubt as to the outcome, the very act of conceding gives the impression that they have a point. See also: Katie Couric's HPV debacle.
@3 (and others): Very often ads arrive late in the production process, and are indeed handled by another department. In some older systems (and the U-T is very backward technologically) the ad people can't see the news, and vice versa.

I'm much more inclined to go with an oversight rather than it being intentional. But continue with your uninformed speculation.

@27: Like trolling the comment section of a gay man's blog?