Continuing Alan J. Stein Week™ on Slog (this guy!), the Seattle historian also tipped us off last week to the fact that photo-innovator Eadward Muybridge is known to have shot at least one picture in Seattle, of Seattle.

It's here, and it was taken from the base of Madison Street looking upward from the water. VERY COOL. Stein said he thinks Muybridge stopped in Seattle briefly, traveling by water.

Having heard one interesting thing, my born-reporter husband David Quigg goes chasing down interesting for days. He's unearthed a couple more Muybridge delights, including the first filmed kiss, which is notably between two naked women.

He may have chosen to photograph the kiss with two women because in the context of Victorian culture this was more likely to be seen as innocent.

Whatever you say,

Here's a GIF of a fully dressed—some might say overdressed for an anatomical study of movement—jumping, and here's a GIF of a naked man pole-vaulting.