Battle of the Birds? The Seattle Seahawks secured home field advantage through the NFC playoffs with a 27 to 9 win over the St. Louis Rams. Meanwhile my beloved Philadelphia Eagles closed out the NFL regular season with a 24 to 22 win over the hated Dallas Cowboys, earning them a worst-to-first division title. So get ready for Chip Kelly's return to Seattle for the January 19 NFC championship game!

We’re going to need a bigger boat, Seattle Rep presents Bruce.
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Black Monday: With the regular season over, the NFL's firing season has just begun, with the Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings, and the team from the other Washington all firing coaches today. (UPDATE: Also the Tampa Bay Bucs and the Detroit Lions.)

Caucasian terrorists threaten Winter Olympics? A second terrorist bombing in as many days hit Russia early this morning as a suicide bomb at a Volograd train station left 17 dead just weeks before the start of the Sochi Winter Olympics. Russian officials suspect Islamic separatists from the North Caucasus region.

Duck die nasty: New Hampshire state Rep. David Campbell [D] has admitted to running over a group of ducks in his BMW after they wouldn't move out his way in a hotel driveway. "It just crushed all of the ducks," one eyewitness reported.

Following Kshama's lead: Democrats nationally are turning toward hiking the minimum wage as a winning issue in 2014.

Yeah, because if there's anything most Americans know, it's their history. A new CNN/ORC International poll finds the war in Afghanistan to be the least popular war in US history, with only 17 percent of respondents supporting it.

Coming out is still a thing? Good Morning America host Robin Roberts came out as a lesbian over the weekend because apparently a celebrity coming out as a lesbian is still news. It won't be much longer.

Don't expect Pope Francis to come out anytime soon. According to a Vatican spokesman, the Pope was shocked at proposed legislation that would allow adoptions by same-sex couple in Malta.

Worst cruise ever. A Russian research vessel remains trapped in ice off Antarctica after a second icebreaker failed to rescue the crew and passengers. “You drink a lot of gin-and-tonics," said one trapped passenger about her coping mechanisms. Um, isn't that the way to cope with all cruises?

It's foggy and rainy and dark. Really, nothing much else of interest is happening in local news.