Who could possibly be worse than the Seattle Times editorial board when it comes to taking the best interests of Seattle to heart? The Tacoma News Tribune editorial board:

If Bertha can’t get find its mojo under Sodo by the time the Legislature convenes, lawmakers from Seattle will bear close watching.

They’ve never liked the 2009 deal designed to keep the financial risks of their waterfront tunnel inside the 206 area code. If overruns become a serious possibility, bet on an attempt to unravel that law.

[...] The 2009 Legislature made a deal: The state would pay $2.8 billion toward the tunnel, but any overruns would come out of the bonanza in property values resulting from the project.

Seattle leaders have been grumbling about that provision ever since.

Some of them say it’s legally unenforceable. The issue will be moot if the project proceeds on budget. But if not, the Legislature has made its intent clear — and lawmakers should make certain it does get enforced.

As has been exhaustively reported, everyone from former Governor Chris Gregoire to former governor-shoo-in Rob McKenna to current Governor Jay Inslee have assured Seattleites that the cost-overrun clause is unenforceable. We've been promised repeatedly that we would not be held responsible for cost-overruns on a state highway whose design and construction we have no control over. And it's that promise that Olympia better be damn careful not unravel.