Now more than ever, science needs defending, so thank God for Bill Nye, who'll take time out of his busy Science Guy schedule to publicly debate Ken Ham, founder of Kentucky's Creation museum, on the subject of evolution vs. creationism.

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As Ken Ham writes on his website:

Most of you will recall Mr. Nye as the bow-tied host of the popular children’s TV program Bill Nye the Science Guy. On his TV program, watched by millions of children over the years both on TV and as videos in science classrooms, Nye promoted evolutionary ideas. In recent times he has often been seen on TV interview shows and YouTube videos, where he has defended evolution. Nye was the “2010 Humanist of the Year” as awarded by the American Humanist Association. Because our ministry theme for 2013 and for 2014 is “Standing Our Ground, Rescuing Our Kids,” our staff thought that a debate on creation vs. evolution with a man who has influenced so many children to believe in evolution would be a good idea. Now, those of you who know me realize that I don’t relish public debates, so please pray for me.

Via Dangerous Minds, here's the video of Bill Nye criticizing creationism that inspired Ken Ham to make this retort video and led to the Nye vs. Ham debate, which will take place on Feb 4.

I'll keep you posted on how to see/hear the debate. In the meantime, another impressive sentence from Ken Ham (bolds mine):

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[T]his debate will help highlight the fact that so many young people are dismissing the Bible because of evolution, and even many young people who had grown up in the church decided to leave the church because they saw evolution as showing the Bible could not be trusted.

Okay. (Meanwhile, wingnut Bryan Fischer thinks no one who believes in evolution should be allowed to hold public office.)