Workers Concede Benefits to Profit-Hungry Corporation: Late last night, the Boeing machinists union approved a slightly less worse contract extension than what the company had previously offered, meaning the 777X plane assembly line is here to stay in Puget Sound.

The Skinny on Bertha: Long story short, it's a catastrophuck. Here's an idea: Cancel the tunnel.

Seattle, We Must Do This: Mexico City's anti-graffiti unit has transformed into a graffiti unit, ferrying artists around to make art in public spaces instead of chasing down and jailing them.

$15 Per Hour Minimum Wage Takes Two Strides Forward: Mayor Murray (Mayor Ed has a nice ring to it, actually) issued an executive order raising wages for some city employees, while Kshama Sawant praised the move and launched

Ugh. Private Prison Corporations: Fuckers. The state of Idaho, after years of documented mismanagement and abuses, is finally taking over a prison south of Boise from Corrections Corporation of America, the largest private prison firm in the country. Also, Thurgood Marshall's son is on CCA's board. Go figure.

While We Celebrated the Holidays: Al-Qaeda went and took over Fallujah, Iraq, where the US military once used white phosphorous and cluster munitions. For what?

Lawsuit Says Man Was Jailed Over a Turn Signal: A Skagit Valley man is suing the Border Patrol after what he says was a routine traffic stop turned into a ten-week stint in an immigration detention center, during which he lost his job.

Bad to Worse in Egypt: Egypt's military coupsters declared the popular Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group, and now they're killing protesters who identify with the Brotherhood.

Bang: The Obama administration inches forward with gun control reforms.

Why Did They Mummify His Dick? Religion!