Turmoil in the Machinists Union: Absurd how much pressure they came under to approve a contract that wipes out benefits they achieved through years of strikes and activism.

Washington State Ferries: Still understaffed.

Hey NSA, Are You Spying on Members of Congress? Ummm. How nice of you to ask, Senator Sanders. We totally respect everyone's privacy. But as to your specific question, we'll check on that and get back to you.

US Moves Toward Approving GMO Successor to "Round-Up Ready" Seeds: "This is among the worst applications of biotechnology" sums it up pretty well.

Corporate State: Every time you buy a piece of beef, a portion of the taxes on it goes to an industry association that lobbies against labeling, regulations, and animal rights activists.

The Zapatistas Turn 20: The rebel group burst onto the world stage two decades ago, and has governed parts of Chiapas ever since. NAFTA, the North-American Free Trade Agreement, turns 20 too.

Jobless in Seattle: Unemployment benefits evaporated for more than 24,000 people in Washington last month, when Congress let the benefits program expire. KUOW looks at one former UW researcher's struggle to find new work.

Jobless In Florida and North Carolina: This thing called representative government seems to be malfunctioning. States most affected by the loss of unemployment benefits are represented by Republicans who led the move to cut them.

Who Controls Fallujah? After Al-Qaeda took over last week, reports now say heavy fighting has seen Iraqi police and allied militias retake parts of the city.

Afghan Child Malnutrition Skyrockets: That's what years of foreign occupation and "aid" gets you.

The life and times of Kim Dotcom: