On Indoctrinating Via Parade


Surprised that you'd think anything that guy had to say was worthy of a response. Does reacting to the idiot help or hurt him?
There was that summer after my first Seafair that I experimented with pirating.
@1 - I think there is no posit so stupid that a statistically significant portion of the population won't take it as a statement of fact, and that at least some of those people might be just as easily swayed by a well-worded rebuttal.

We can quibble over whether this qualifies as a well-worded rebuttal, but to the question of whether one is warranted, I'd say, "Sure, if you've got the time."
If an * wedding in a parade isn't culture war, I don't know what is.
The doctrine in this case is freedom and equality for all of our citizens. Historically that has been celebrated in our civic parades.

It hardly counts as indoctrination though. Many different groups were represented in the parade, including I understand some heterosexuals.
What about all the good-natured butt slapping that happens between players? And has he seen where the QB puts his hands on the center to receive the snap?
Clearly Mr. Brown is one televised gay relationship away from sucking a mile of dicks.
I demand I be able to spend school vouchers on privately organized parades. Anything less would be an abridgment of my religious freedom.
@4 If seeing a wedding in a parade can undo a lifetime of church attendance and Sunday school, what does that tell you?
@6- The Liberty University football team only uses the shotgun formation.