As mentioned on Slog yesterday, the silent-reading party is tonight and the special guests are Danielle Henderson and Linda Derschang. If you don't know what the reading party is, click here.

Q&As with the special guests after the jump.

Linda Derschang
Owner of the new restaurant Tallulah's.

Linda Derschang at Lindas last year, when Ron Jeremy stopped by.
  • Kelly O
  • Linda Derschang at Linda's last year, when Ron Jeremy stopped by.

What are you bringing to read tonight?
I'm bringing Donna Tartt's new book The Goldfinch. I worked a ton last year and I'm not doing that again in 2014. To celebrate a more leisurely year, it seems appropriate to become immersed in a big, fat novel right now. I loved The Secret History so I'm hoping to enjoy The Goldfinch just as much.

What's your favorite thing on the menu at Tallulah's?
My favorite dishes at Tallulah's are the baby beets with goat yogurt, the grilled sardine with puy lentils, and the cheesecake made with goat milk. I'm having a goat milk moment I guess.

Is that a painting of Tonya Harding next to the door into the kitchen?
Yes, that is a painting of Tonya Harding screaming placed next to the kitchen door. It seemed appropriate as that can be a high-tension spot in any restaurant. It was painted by Derek Erdman who happened to be at Tallulah's for dinner last night. I was very happy to show him the new home for his painting!

Danielle Henderson
New staff writer at The Stranger.


It's your fifth day here and I just noticed you still need a bio on your author page. What should it say?
How about: "Danielle Henderson feels proud and lucky to rep issues of race, class, gender, and education for The Stranger. She's a former academic, former U.N. employee, and former lots of other things. She lives in Capitol Hill but she's not a dick about it."

That's perfect. What's all that on the wall behind you?
These are the BEAUTIFUL posters Anna Minard and Emily Nokes made to jazz up my space. I haven't decorated yet, so they helped out, and now I don't need to!

OK, we gotta zoom in on that.


You visited City Hall for the first time on Monday. What'd you think of it?
City Hall itself is really beautiful (and not just for a municipal building). I was there for the inauguration, and it was packed—there was a deep vibe of civic pride that made everything feel a little heightened. I think that's sort of the best way you can be introduced to City Hall—when everyone in it is amped up.

What are you bringing to the reading party tonight?
I just started The Flamethrowers by Rachel Kushner, so probably that?

[While I was snapping Danielle's photo, Goldy, starved for attention, said, "Why don't you ever take my photo? You never take photos of me!" And then Anna pointed out that I took Emily's photo and put it on Slog when she started, so Goldy said, "So you only take photos of women? Here, is this better? Take a photo of me!" And then I turned around…]