Centaurs work in progress by Crystal Barbre, at Bherd Studios, part of the Phinneywood art walk
  • Courtesy of Bherd Studios
  • "Centaurs" work in progress by Crystal Barbre, at Bherd Studios, part of the Phinneywood art walk

Tonight, Brendan suggests the opening night of ACT’s 14/48 world’s quickest theater festival. Fourteen new plays shepherded from nascency to fully realized stage productions in a mere 48 hours. Ponder, for a moment, a world where all ideas were made manifest at such a rate. Horrifying.

Perhaps you’d prefer drinking? For anyone bored with the prospect of having a mere one martini with lunch, consider the Two-Martini Lunch, a Friday staple at Vito’s. I realize it's a little late for lunch, but the deal's not confined to lunch: All day and all night long at Vito's martinis are $7. Alternately, there’s a tasting of Pike Brewing’s 2013 vintage of Old Bawdy barley wine. For those of you unfamiliar with this beverage, it's basically very strong beer (I AM INVITING CORRECTIONS WITH THIS STATEMENT, I REALIZE).

Musical suggestions for tonight include Purity Ring and TacocaT (feat. The Stranger's very own Emily Nokes) at the Vera, Mystery Ship at the Blue Moon, and Califone at the Crocodile.

Also, it's the second Friday of the month, which means art walks are happening up Phinneywood and in Belltown. There are a couple art walks tomorrow, too. If you love walking in and around art, but can't keep the art walks straight, I made this image for you.


What else do Stranger critics recommend this weekend? In theater, There There at On the Boards and Jerry Springer: The Opera at the Moore. For opera folks, Seattle Opera's doing Rigoletto. In music, it's a Neumos sort of weekend: The Posies are playing tonight but it's sold out, Goodness is playing tomorrow, and Truly is playing on Sunday.