We're Not Going to Do the Thing You Said We're Going to Do. (Just Kidding!) Mayor Murray canceled a press conference when the reason behind the press conference leaked to the media. The rumors flew that Murray was about to announce a new interim police chief. Then he held a press conference and named a new interim police chief, exactly as promised. What was the point of all that? Anyway, here's Murray's letter to the SPD.

To Catch an Arsonist: The Neighbours arsonist is still at large. Can you help bring them to justice?

Why Won't the Mayor Play Nice with City Councilmembers? Ed Murray got defensive about the $15-an-hour minimum wage. Then Kshama Sawant kinda upstaged Ed Murray at the swearing-in ceremony. All told, the swearing-in went well. (Except maybe for that inaugural poem.) Here are some of Kelly O's pictures from the celebration. Here's video. And don't you worry about our mayor—Ed Murray got some respect by the end of the week.

What to Expect from Olympia: Not much.

Private Schools and Liberals: Jen Graves starts a discussion.

Getting Out of Coal: Goldman Sachs does the right thing, for once.

Will Seattle Ever Have Fast Internet? Goldy says something French about Gigabit.

It's Safe to Eat Valentine's Day Candy Again: Emily Nokes gives the all-clear.

A Slog Hygiene Tip: Cover your fucking mouth when you fucking cough.

Goodbye Grover/Thurston: The end of a gallery.

Things Are Looking Up! The most depressing day of the year is already behind you.

No Smoking Zone: Let's talk about quitting smoking!

Thin-Shaming The Stranger: This week's Study Guide issueed a challenge to Stranger readers.

Using comedic exaggeration, please comment on how thin this week's issue of The Stranger is.

Slog commenter MacCrocodile had some beauties:

This week's issue of The Stranger is so thin, it advertises "up to 40% greater pleasure" for both partners, but there is an increased risk of tearing.

So did Theodore Gorath:

This week's issue of the Stranger is so thin that Goldy is using it as a pretext to praise Kshama Sawant (or criticize Murray, whatever).

And here's one from Hanoumatoi:

This week's issue of The Stranger is so thin, it is used by professional assassins as razor wire.

There are plenty of other great ones. Go read the whole thread.