Stay in it...

You’re stuck on the 25th floor of a skyscraper when a major earthquake hits. What should you do? Well, counter-intuitively for some, you should just be thankful… and move away from any filing cabinets that might fall over.

The fact is that for most earthquakes, tall buildings are usually the safest place to be. In Hong Kong, where I live, visitors often look at all the tall buildings and ask: “What would happen if there were an earthquake?” The answer is that they’d probably be much safer than if they were standing in a low-rise neighbourhood.

Your body will order you to run; but the truly rational thing to do is to disobey the body and stay where you are.
Modern high-rises, in low seismicity areas, are designed to withstand lateral loads from wind which may be much higher than those from earthquakes. In high seismicity areas they are most likely to have been designed for the seismic motion, and for very tall buildings having a long natural period (or a low frequency) will sway in a non-violent, but still a very alarming way
This information, however, is not new to hiphop; rappers and scratchers have long been aware of the boogie skills of tall buildings.
...And then he turned his power on and the ground began to move. And all the buildings for miles around were swaying to the groove.