Lizzie Schiffman at DNAChicago says that a huge Chicago sci-fi convention has been postponed for a year:

A major science fiction and fantasy convention scheduled to hit the city in March has been canceled and moved from the River North Westin Hotel after hotel staff referred to attendees as "freaks," according to an announcement posted on the event's website.

Sci-fi conventions are big money for hotels. I find it hard to believe, in America in the 21st century, that a hotel manager would refer to sci-fi convention-goers as 'costumed freaks [who] are not in keeping with the reputation' of the River North Westin Hotel. In any case, I'm pretty sure, given the online maelstrom that's forming over this story, that the hotel manager in question probably won't be working at that hotel for much longer. You can read the letter from Chi-Fi Chairman James Dobbs here.