We're observing Slog silence until 11 a.m. while we have an editorial meeting, but look! We made an entire paper's worth of stuff for you!


1. DOMINIC HOLDEN continues to make hay out of last summer's incident in which he was upbraided by law-enforcement professionals for legally taking photographs of police work. While the officers in question certainly deserved some sort of correctional action, Holden is still complaining that the justice meted out by internal affairs was not enough, which frankly reeks of sour grapes. Extending the imagery of our initial idiom of "making hay," where do you believe Holden currently stands in the hay-making process? Is the hay field barren? Has the hay store closed? Has hay, finally, gone extinct? Is it possible to combine the idea of sour grapes with the idea of hay-making, or would that metaphor be too mixed for our purposes?

2. This week's feature involves a mixture of fact and fiction, with real-life advice and narrative essays about weddings from DAN SAVAGE, JEN GRAVES, MEGAN SELING, DANIELLE HENDERSON, MARTI JONJAK, and SARAH GALVIN buffered by fiction pieces by SHEILA HETI, SHERMAN ALEXIE, TAO LIN, and STACEY LEVINE. Do you believe this decision to publish fiction in the same section that it publishes nonfiction injures The Stranger's credibility? Put another way: Is it possible to trust a news source that openly publishes lies? On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being a chipped fingernail and 10 being the Titanic, how damaged do you believe The Stranger's credibility is?

3. The aforementioned Danielle Henderson has published a second piece in this week's Stranger, this time about a letter from Senator Patty Murray endorsing the local homeless-youth housing program YouthCare as they apply for a federal grant. In other words, the newest staff writer at The Stranger has published a puff piece applauding a prominent Democrat for saying something. Do you believe Henderson was hired because she brings The Stranger's traditional level of uncritical thought to Democratic establishment hacks, or do you believe she was hired because of her willingness to parrot the party line in "news" stories that merely ape the cheerleaderish tone of press releases? In sum: Is Henderson a weak thinker, or is she merely pretending to be a weak thinker in order to curry the favor of the weak thinkers currently in charge of the news section? Would one of those options be preferable to the other? Why or why not?

4. EMILY NOKES reviews a book about Pussy Riot, which was a big deal back in the first half of 2012. Predict what Nokes's big next "scoop" will be: a scathing takedown of "Gangnam Style"? A profile of former Jersey Shore star The Situation? A "Keep Calm and Carry On" parody?