Study Guide Questions for The Stranger, Volume 23, Issue 20


"Look at the cover art," says Beaver,"that sure is swell, Wally."
next week, the cover art should be an unshowered guy wearing a trench coat, almost ready to expose his ugly body.
ya know, The Stranger being on the 'edge' and all that bullshit.
1. His hay bells are definitely ringing.
2. The Stranger's credibility can still be damaged?
3. Can't it be both?
4. She'll find out about trolls purposely linking unsuspecting victims to an image of a mans anus.
1 you wouldn't know how to hay if you grew up on a farm

2 12 x

3/4 both are performance art pieces for the next Doctor
it was the hair.

way cheaper and more durable than brillo.
I'd like to change my 1 answer to "He's making so much hay that it needs a GMO sticker."