If you aren't up on what's really going down in the Knox case, I highly recommend reading Andrea Vogt's new post, "Amanda Knox's fugitive fears: she's right to be worried," in The Week...

Is the writing on the wall for Amanda Knox? Apparently even she thinks so. The 26-year-old American currently appealing her conviction for the 2007 murder of Meredith Kercher recently told an Italian journalist half-jokingly that she was prepared to become a fugitive if there's a conviction on 30 January.

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Sources close to defence lawyers confide that they, too, fear it may not go their way.

It didn’t help that Knox ignored her lawyers’ pleas to travel from Seattle and attend court in Florence - she sent an email instead - nor that she repeatedly requested to meet the Kerchers, only to be sternly rebutted by their lawyer, who suggested she act more like a defendant.

Then she started a new blog and began blithely responding to comments – most recently posting an admission that she had once faked a break-in as an April Fool’s prank before she left for Italy (a staged burglary is a key part of the case against her).

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Have the wheels come off Knox’s public relations machine now that she’s safe in Seattle?

Later in the post...

First, her co-defendant Raffaele Sollecito’s lawyers have distanced his defence from Knox’s. “He may have brushed her hair and cleaned her ears, but he would not have killed for the love of Amanda,” his lawyer Giulia Bongiorno told jurors in closing arguments earlier this month. “Turn off Amanda,” she said. “Raffaele is not Amanda’s other half.”
If you want to get things straight, keep up with Vogt. Her knowledge of this case is rock solid.
Steps In Perugia - Oct 9, 2013
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  • Steps In Perugia - Oct 9, 2013

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