FEWER DOILIES And more hot people dancing.
  • FEWER DOILIES And more hot people dancing.

Standard wedding expos occur in convention centers, and bring with them a mound of unpleasantries, what with all the salesy-warehouse vibes, and the short-pile gray carpeting, and the errant doilies, and the fluorescent-white lights that come to embody the shine of hell. Too many booths advertise too many services, but all are so heavily generic, and "if you're deviating from a mainstream commercialized template, it can be hard to find what you're looking for, let alone if you're queer or trans or polyamorous," says Ariel Meadow Stallings, a Seattle writer and the publisher of Offbeat Bride. She's also coproducing the Lovesick wedding expo, happening Sunday, January 26, and you should go.

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Lovesick will take place at Axis in Pioneer Square, the former Elliott Bay Book Company space, so lots of brick archways and creaky wood floors and antiquatedness everywhere. There'll be balancing acrobats and burlesque performances, too...

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