Chris Christie is willing to put politics before the health of the citizens of New Jersey, according to a story by Matt Friedman for the Star-Ledger:

Three years ago, a plan to make Carl Lewis a “youth fitness ambassador” for New Jersey was scrapped by Gov. Chris Christie’s administration when the Olympic track and field star decided to run for state Senate as a Democrat, Lewis said today.

Now, with the George Washington Bridge scandal raging, the nine-time Olympic gold medalist says he sees a “strong parallel” between his own interaction with Christie and what happened in Fort Lee, and that Christie is an "insecure person."

Lewis says that Christie scrapped the whole program because Lewis decided to run against a Republican. At the time, Christie's spokesman said that Christie “Absolutely, positively" did not threaten to kill the program for political reasons, and that "anybody who says otherwise is lying." In retrospect, that maybe looks a little too hopeful. But come on. Does Chris Christie seem like the sort of person who would bully anyone for political gain?