Governor Trouble, Part 1: Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife were charged today with taking gifts, trips, and money from a "dietary supplement executive" in exchange for gubernatorial favors.

Governor Trouble, Part 2: Vitter the Shitter is running for governor of Louisiana.

Wait, This Governor News Isn't Bad: Chris Christie vowed to "end the failed War on Drugs" in his inauguration speech. This is the first smart thing I've heard Christie say in months, although to be clear, he's talking about addressing incarceration for non-violent offenses along with drug treatment programs, and not legalization of pot. He's dead-set against legalization.

Everyone Knows the Internet Will Eat Cable's just a matter of time. On the heels of new reports that Amazon is trying to launch its own pay TV service, Quartz sums up all the would-be contenders in the internet cable game.

The Robot Bookseller: The owners of Bainbridge Island's Eagle Harbor Book Company have created a piece of bookselling software called Handseller, according to PW's Wendy Warris:

The customer-facing platform in Handseller allows customers to create detailed Reading Preference Profiles, which bookstores can sort by genre, mood, and style, among other criteria. This provides a great deal of data to the stores. Customers can view book recommendations online and ask their store to pull books of interest and hold them at the store. The program also offers book and author quizzes around genre and subjects for readers to play and compete in; winners can redeem prizes at the bookstore. In addition, there is a “Fresh Picks” feature that allows bookstores to highlight special categories of books unique to their community.

"I can't write when I'm sick" Over at The Rejectionist, Sarah McCarry is kicking off an exploration of writing and depression with a long interview with Mairead Case. It's a fascinating, insightful interview about living with (and working with) depression. You should keep an eye on this project as it develops; I think it's really going to be something special.