Women who suffer the horror of rape sometimes decide to keep a child that was conceived during the attack, and sometimes the rapist wants custody of the child, and that is the grossest thing I've ever typed. It's a fucking travesty that rapists are able to keep assaulting their victims this way, but there are a few states that have no legislation preventing it—including Washington.

In a press release received yesterday, Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles is trying to make the world a little more tolerable for Washington women by introducing SB 6364, a bill that would give some power back to women who decide to raise children who are the result of rape and strengthen the legal rights for survivors of rape.

I was shocked to find out that Washington is one of a minority of states that does not have a clear legal process for survivors of rape to limit or eliminate co-parenting rights with their rapist. Survivors of such crimes deserve the opportunity to do what is best for themselves and their children.

Yeeesh. I'm glad the senator introduced this, but why did it take so long for someone to introduce this?