Republican lawmakers seem unwilling this session to pass a transportation funding package or to make court-ordered increases in K-12 funding—or even to pass a supplemental budget, the primary reason we call these 60-day sessions. But with HB 2529, at least they have their priorities straight:

"The legislature intends to encourage the purchase of firearms and firearm ammunition within the borders of Washington state to ensure the economic health of Washington-based retail businesses by providing a sales tax exemption for the purchase of firearms and firearm ammunition within the state."

No sales tax on guns or ammunition. This is a bill that pretty much targets the core of the Republican agenda: More guns and lower taxes. If they could add a provision providing a tax credit for bagging immigrants, liberals, and gays, they'd hit the Tea Party Trifecta!

And in case you think I'm unfairly mocking a crazy bill filed by a lone far-right wacko, take a look at some of the sponsors: Representatives Shea, Kretz, and Scott are all in the House Republican leadership. This is a mainstream Republican bill. Yes, these are the priorities we'd routinely see addressed if Republicans ran Olympia.