Remember the young woman on Slog earlier this week who was born legally blind, recently became sighted, and wrote to us asking for "pretty things" to look at to "see what this vision thing is all about"?

Sloggers showed up with lots of suggestions—ferry rides, bookstores, the sculpture park, the James Turrell at the Henry, a candle seen through a glass of red wine—and she's very grateful. (Victoria Tours also wrote to offer her some free whale watching tickets this summer.)

"Oh my god that is amazing!" she wrote when I sent her the suggestions. I asked what she'd seen recently that had struck her—and whether she's taking any notes on this whole transition.

"I think one of the most striking things that I have seen is poverty," she wrote back. "For instance, walking around Capitol Hill I saw a man and noticed him there laying motionless so I was like, 'sir are you okay?!'"

She said her favorite current things about vision are being able to read street signs and being able to "see" things without touching them:

You might wonder oh hey I wonder if this surface is going to be hard or soft? like, say, a crappy bulky shiny chair at a dive bar. Is it going to be smooth or rough? Sticky? Do I want to sit in this chair? But with my eyeballs, I can just assess the chair immediately and be like it looks sticky as hell and looks really really squishy. Or I can be like, oh hey look at that person's sweater, I wonder what it feels like? and just see the texture without copping a feel. It's more than looking at things without touching, it is also experiencing things without touching them.

I partially asked my question because while I am curious what are some good things to check out in the city and why people recommend them, I am also just as curious about the why. As I try to navigate the sighted world it is nice to try to understand where the sighted people are coming from.

Mostly, she wrote, "please tell people thank you for taking the time to take a step back and give me ideas!"

If you have other suggestions for things to look at, add them to the list in the original post.