...so long as you're legally required to make the exact same choice Cathy did:

And then there was Cathy McMorris Rogers, who was not nutty, but who, I believe, was attempting to sell me a dinette set. Also, can I just say to the nice furniture lady that I'm happy that she and her retired Naval commander husband both had that sweet government health-care so that their newborn son's pre-existing condition wasn't the kind of hardship it is for parents who are only now, through the Affordable Care Act, able to stave off financial disaster in similar circumstances. (And, yes, Cathy, who really doesn't want "government" or "Washington" making your health-care decisions for you, voted for this nonsense a few hours before her big moment on the national stage.)

So far as Cathy's concerned, freedom's just another word for nothing else to choose. Or something. It's early.