So Cheerios released its Super Bowl ad yesterday, which features the same interracial family that prompted all the racists in post-racial America to lose their shit six months ago. The new ad:

The return of Gracie and her parents prompted someone at MSNBC to tweet—and then quickly delete—this...


OMG! MSNBC called all conservatives haters! MSNBC quickly deleted the tweet and apologized. Fox News never apologizes. Write a book that calls all liberals treasonous, write a book that calls all liberals fascists, and you are a welcome guest on Fox News. Send out one stupid, poorly-worded tweet—a tweet that got it half right (not all conservatives are angered by interracial families, but almost all people angered by interracial families are conservatives)—and Fox News won't rest until you're named, shamed, and fired.

Some advice for MSNBC: You deleted the tweet and you apologized. No firings this time, no tearful on-air bonus apologies, no soul-searching theatrics. Move the fuck on. Lean the fuck forward. Whatever the fucking fuck. But no grandiose acts of contrition, please, as that's just blood in the water. People don't berate Fox News for apologies, or demand that hateful idiots on the Fox News payroll be fired, because everyone knows it's a waste of time. Fox News does not apologize when it fucks up. Fox News does not fire people for being idiots. (To the contrary, Fox News hires idiots.) MSNBC apologizes when it fucks up (me too!), as you should, and it's to your credit. But don't keep apologizing after you've apologized.

In other Super Bowl ad news: apparently releasing your big Super Bowl ad online before the game is a thing now. Budweiser also released their Super Bowl ad already—in which a horse falls in love with a dog and a gang of horse thugs surrounds and intimidates a white man. I blame gay marriage for the former, Richard Sherman for the latter.

UPDATE: Holy crap! As if it isn't bad enough that Budweiser's Super Bowl ad promotes dog/horse marriage—and wilding gangs of horse thugs—here's Chevy's Super Bowl ad:

Chevy is promoting polygamy! Group sex! Bovine sister wives! (Hat tip to Joseph Weaver.)