Bumbling Prison Escapee, Meth Addict, and White Supremacist: But he has no trouble buying guns locally. Including the type of semiautomatic assault rifle used at Sandy Hook, which he bought after that massacre, because he thought they'd be banned.

Colorado Elk Hunter Invents New Bullet: Now, you only have to shoot one bullet to hit the target three times. "It's been selling like gangbusters," he says, citing $100,000 in sales since January 6.

I Have a Gub: Bank robbery yesterday on Queen Anne. Clear pictures of the suspected robber. He looks a little like a young version of the guy on the video for...

...Allegedly Sexually Assaulting a Woman in a Music Practice Room: At Seattle Central Community College Jan. 23. (Um, so far the morning news is creepy white dudes doing stuff.)

The Ukraine Is Still in Turmoil: And now, a leader's sick leave stalls progress.

"I'd like to order a toy" with My Happy Meal: Those were allegedly the code words to get heroin from a McDonald's cashier.

Please Don't Miss Christopher's Post About Literature to the Death in Russia: Do more people like prose because poetry was the stabber? Is poetry stabbier?

The Super Bowl in East Rutherford, New Jersey, This Weekend: Weather watchers have been freaking. But "our contingency plans have contingency plans," organizers say.

Chris Christie Picks the Broncos to Win: If they lose, he will close three lanes of Western Bridge. ART JOKES.

A Seattle Woman Innovates a New Pubic Hair Wax Called the Alexis: "A fuller look," influenced by the great Courbet painting, which is NSFW.

Looking for Gay Love: On Navajo land.

"It's a damn shame the building is obdurate.": Elizabeth Diller defends her advice to MoMA to tear down the American Folk Art Museum building next door.

The Headline of the Week Is on the Onion: "6-Day Visit to Rural African Village Completely Changes Woman's Facebook Profile Picture."

Amanda Knox Verdict Expected Soon: In other news, Gene Juarez makes a significant hair mistake.

The Sochi Olympics Begin in Eight Days: The Economist's cover announces "The Triumph of Vladimir Putin" in style.

I Wonder if Buster Simpson Ever Met Pete Seeger: The story of Seeger in Beacon, New York.

We're Killing Penguins, Too: A UW scientist on climate change and lovely, lovely penguins who are dead.

And here's the latest NFL episode from the Bad Lip Reading people. Wrist nub. Wrist nub.