From this week's I, Anonymous:

Yes, that woman sitting in the front of the bus was reciting radio reports about the nation and claimed to be from the Psychic Radio Station in Tacoma. However, you loudly insulting her to other passengers was crass. She's disturbed, not deaf. And she was just talking to herself, not harming anyone. She understood everything you said. Mental-health issues are not clear indicators of intelligence levels. I looked back to find out where the hatred was coming from, and you mistook my grimace for a grin and smiled at me. You were mistaken, I was not agreeing with your boisterous comments. And then you tried to chat up the bus driver about the "crazy," talking about how you can't handle it and how "it must be a rough night with crazy people like that woman riding the bus." She was sitting only three feet from you. You need to check your smugness. This is PUBLIC transportation, so you are going to have to deal with the public. How else do you propose she gets around? It's probably not wise to have a person who believes she is the conduit for psychic radio driving a car. Your mental health is a privilege that she does not have. Don't insult her. She did no one any harm except making them feel uncomfortable. When you are taking public transportation, your privilege does NOT apply. Do like the rest of us and put in some earbuds with good music instead of being an uncaring jerk. Your insults were more upsetting than her proclamations.

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