...by Crocodile Dundee II.


"Just loaded up Crocodile Dundee II this Super Bowl Sunday," writes Slog tipper Ryan M. "Here's the five minute mark where a couple kids are wearing Seahawks and Broncos jerseys. Just thought it could make for a fun Super Bowl Sunday item. This is just a crappy phone picture; you can probably pull a better screengrab as it's on Netflix."

Norma Moriceau designed the costumes for Crocodile Dundee II—as well as The Road Warrior, Patriot Games, and Babe: Pig in the City. Someone should really give Norma a call and get a comment from her: Did she see this game coming back in 1988 when she was pulling football jerseys for this scene? Is she fucking psychic? Who is she rooting for? Will she be eating any of this today?


Will you be eating any Skittles-smothered Brie today? Will anyone?