We're number one (after Vermont, but they're too small to count)!

The Seahawks certainly have something big to celebrate when they return to Seattle — that they get to go home to what might arguably be the best-functioning health insurance exchange in the nation, of course.

Yes, there is the Super Bowl victory, as well. But you have enough things to read about that — and not nearly as much coverage of the Washington Health Plan Finder, which is arguably having one of the best open enrollment seasons in the country.

Washington, alongside Vermont, leads the nation in percentage of eligible population enrolled in its exchange. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, 33.1 percent of Washingtonians eligible to sign up for coverage through the exchange have gone ahead and done so (in Vermont, it's around 33.4 percent).

As the Washington Post points out, it's not like WAHealthPlanFinder.org didn't have its share of early season woes. But it has consistently upgraded both its website and its call centers to the point where it may be the most successful state insurance exchanges in the nation. I'm not saying that winning the Super Bowl isn't big, but it's nice to also have a somewhat less frivolous victory to cheer about.