Required Brutal Viewing


Terrifying. Are there any good organizations in Russia for donations, or is that politically impossible?

Also, Dan, minor thing, but it's Human Rights Watch, not HRC.
and @1, minor thing, but it's David, not Dan...
The "ask" in this video is woefully inadequate. Asking Russian officials to kindly fix this problem is really a non-solution.

Imagine if this were jews or black people being treated this way. The talk would be about much more severe measures. We'd be debating this in Congress. There would be talk of war in some circles, and a drumbeat for action.

Russia should feel the weight of the civilized world.
#3 Racist and xenophobic violence is very common in Russia but it is rarely reported on out West. The neo-nazi groups guilty of anti-homo violence are also actively involved in anti-immigrant pogroms. The video above hints to that connection by showing thugs victimizing a central Asian immigrant while accusing him of being gay.…
Tried to watch... really I did... but only made it past a minute or so. Makes me sick.
Ladies and gentlemen: the Russia we created. You're welcome.
1: Gah! Thanks, fixed.
This is why Russia will always be a second rate power. If you don't cherish the individual, the individual will never reach their potential. And what lifts people, lifts nations.
@7, eh? We created this? I don't think so.

Fuck Russia. Fuck Sochi. I'm not watching a second of it. Fuck McDonalds. Fuck Coca-Cola.

I hate to say it, though, but the best thing that could happen for gays in Russia would be a major public beatdown like this happening live on global TV. Maybe we've still got some firehoses they could borrow.
I'd rather not watch, thanks. I'll take your word for it.
@7 Slavs were like this way before the US was even a world player.
@10: We should have a slog get together during the competition some time to hang out and not watch it.
@13 - Yes. We just need to figure out when and where.
I'm glad they're having the Olympics at Sochi. I think it's going to be an unmitigated disaster that will show the world what a stupid, brutal, corrupt country Russia is - and what an inept, evil clown Putin is. I only hope they can get through it without something awful happening to any athletes or visitors.