As you may have read on the Stranger Suggests page, the reading party is tomorrow night. Who's doing the music this time? The multi-instrumentalist Sam Anderson (of the band Hey Marseilles) and Katie Kate (a rapper who's a Stranger Genius Award finalist; she won't be rapping, though, she'll be playing piano). Both Sam and Katie played at the last reading party, but they were graciously filling in for someone at the last minute. Tomorrow, they'll be back, having had a month to prepare.

Plus, there'll be a special guest! I don't know how we got him, because he's been so incredibly busy lately... but Stranger news editor Dominic Holden will be joining us!!! He will just there and read silently to himself, like everyone else. Between Dominic being on the TV news last night for this story about the cop who got fired for abusing his authority after Dom filed a complaint about him and also Dominic's week of breaking news about the Neighbours arson suspect ahead of all other reporters (you caught that detail about the one-way plane ticket, right?)... between all that, I really don't know how we got him. Except maybe he needs a drink? Maybe this is the first time he's been able to contemplate just sitting around and reading while listening to soft music in... months?

Anyway, be there! Tomorrow night at the Fireside Room in the Sorrento. It starts at 6 pm, it's free, and it's all ages. A fuller description of the reading party is right here. Oh yeah, and I just read on Huffington Post that the reading party is the 33rd reason Seattle "wins at life," so there's that.