Earlier today the Reproductive Parity Act (RPA), which would protect access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare in Washington by requiring that insurance companies that cover maternity care also cover abortion, passed with a 54-44 vote. Rachel Berkson, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Washington, said she was grateful to allies in the House for supporting the Reproductive Parity Act, and:

"We’ve heard from the Office of the Insurance Commissioner that at least two plans through the state exchange don’t cover elective abortion, and there’s confusion surrounding more. This is what happens without the RPA in place to protect access to care. We appreciate that our representatives in the House stand with women, and we urge the Senate to show that they do too."

From NARAL's press release:

Passing commonsense legislation like the RPA is crucial in ensuring that women in Washington State maintain access to the care that they need, and as attacks on women’s health escalate nationwide, Washington must lead with nation with strong legislation that protects women’s health.

Well, Senate, now it's up to you.