The King County Prosecuting Attorney's office has charged Musab Masmari with arson in the first degree for the fire set at Neighbours nightclub on New Year's Eve. I've posted the charging documents here.

A statement from the Seattle Police Department argues: that witnesses recognized Masmari from photographic evidence, that he made comments to witnesses that talked to him about the arson case, and that he was arrested en-route to the airport with many of his belongings of value and a one-way ticket to Turkey. Prosecutors indicate they hope to build a stronger case.

"The investigation in this case is far from complete," says Ian Goodhew, the deputy chief of staff in the prosecutor's office. He adds that "there are many witnesses still to interview and other investigative leads to chase" by the time Masmari shows up for an arraignment hearing, scheduled for February 19. Goodhew says, "Our goal is by that date to have additional evidence." Masmari, who is being held on $1 million bail, is also scheduled to appear in Seattle Municipal Court to begin a 30-day jail sentence for an unrelated assault conviction.