Monogamish Is a Word I Made Up


Oo, punning in French! Who needs sex when you've got that on the menu!
Yes, people use "[sic]" a lot to draw attention to incorrect spelling, but all it actually means is that it's an exact transcription of what the person wrote, so that people don't wonder whether the person transcribing the quote messed something up. There's nothing wrong or improper about using it after an unfamiliar word with a weird spelling that people might think is erroneous.
Finally watched the ad, don't see the sex positive MMF threeway here. Seems like more of a cuckold joke.
#2 a man, or woman, after my own heart.
The use of "sic" may be technically justifiable, but it's hard to find an excuse for the scare quotes used when discussing gay marriage, or Dan's husband. Fuck these people.
These so called "defense of marriage" groups have no business being quoted in an article. And how does some weird fear of other people engaging in group sex or even regrettable sex fueled by alcohol have anything to do with gay marriage? Seriously, you have to go through some weird leaps of thought to patch all that into an article basically designed to slam marriage equality while hiding behind a fucking Butterfinger commercial.
The haters can say fidelity is at the heart of "real" marriage all they want to, but the fact is that the main difference in fidelity attitudes between straight and gay people is that gay people own up to their sense of adventure and straight people lie about it a lot. If we gay guys had kept our mouths shut about the fact that we're monogamish, or even completely uninterested in monogamy, the lying straights (whose divorce rate remains unchanged by the encroachments of "gay marriage" -- funny how that works) would eventually have had to admit that fidelity is a concept they bow down to but don't consistently put into practice.
The use of "[sic]" in the article is inappropriate. While the writer/editor may wish distance himself from a word that he doesn't accept, or doesn't want to acknowledge as legitimate, he obviously knows the word and how to spell it. The appropriate thing to do would be to use a foot note if this were just print, or to hyperlink it to an explanation.

I agree about the scare quotes around the word husband. Since Dan and Terry are legally married, using the quotes is erroneous and therefore actually deserves a "[sic]."
This sentence is like a rabid anti-gay gymnastics routine:

"Savage, who adopted and raised a boy with his male homosexual lover-turned-'husband' Terry"

it's got everything, allusions to pedophilia, scare quotes, redundant mentions of gender. It's perfect!
@9, the full sentence smarmily telegraphs what is undoubtedly one of Porno Pete's favorite fantasies.
I like the scare quotes around threeway.
Did you ever wonder why, with all the starving children they have forced into this world, all the unwanted babies that need homes, they have time for this obsession with Dan? Christians have a lot of time to waste considering the mess they make.
I entirely agree with Mr Savage about his getting to pronounce on spelling.
Well Dan, the article does make some valid points. For example, you are pretty fucking "foul-mouthed."
Dan, mon Dieu! Je l'aime quand tu parles en francais.

Sorry, no cedile on my keyboard. Does that necessitate a [sic] ?
Why, oh why, did you make me up that "human being's" page views?
What is a "distinctly Freudian accent" supposed to sound like?
"[...] fidelity that is at the heart of this wholesome institution." Woah woah woah. I thought bearing and raising children was the heart of traditional marriage? It's almost like they keep changing the goalposts.
The commenters on that site sound like it's been quite awhile since any of them enjoyed so much as a 1 way.

And Porno Pete, dear god that man is a loon. He's worried about what DJ will read when he gets older? Does Pete not think his own kids will read what he himself has written dozens of times? Read Pete's irrational fanaticism about Dan, and Terry, and what Dan does with/to Terry, and where Dan does what he does with/to Terry, and where Dan puts his penis?

Good lord, get help Pete. You've no business worrying about anyone else's kids when you can't think long enough about anything other than Dan to care about the impact on your own children.
This is easily my favorite line in the piece.

"Savage, who adopted and raised a boy with his male homosexual lover-turned-'husband' Terry. "

Every typed word in that sentence oozes fucking hate, bile, vitriol, bitterness, and contempt. The idea that not only does Dan support and participate in non-traditional relationship models, but is also a devout father AND has a legally recognized husband fucking eats them alive.

I can't help but find myself grinning like an idiot knowing just how bent they are that another person is happy doing the exact opposite of what they proclaim is the only way to obtain it.

Keep on trucking Dan, you're doing great things for society.

They all just wish they had a male homosexual lover that looks like Terry.
@kwodell 15

A translation from US English to France French will have to take into account that we don't use "God !" as much as you do, except for catastrophes - out of disinterest for the guy, probably. We're far more likely to use vulgarity as an itensifier (like "putain !", "merde !", "bordel !"). So, I propose :

Dan, bordel ! J'aime ça quand tu parles en français !

And ç is coded ç
OMG their reporting of the group sex study. "YOUR LITTLE GIRLS ARE HAVING GROUP SEX AT 15! PORN IS TO BLAME!" THE AVERAGE AGE A YOUNG WOMAN LOSES HER VIRGINITY IS *17.4* (Kinsey Institute). The girls studied all sought treatment for sexual health issues, and therefore were all non-virgins (i.e., outliers when discussing women aged 14-20). The study claimed economic conditions had nothing to do with their sexual activity, but I call bullshit. If this particular set of respondents (sexually active, poor teenagers) is having GROUP sex at 15.6 while women at large are not having ANY sex until 17.4, OBVIOUSLY something is driving their behavior.

Fucking liars. All the haters are nothing but big fucking liars.