Washington State's Republican-controlled senate attempted today (and of course, failed) to pass a constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds supermajority vote for all future tax increases. Senators voted 25 to 21 in favor of the measure, but that was far short of the two-thirds supermajority required to pass a constitutional amendment out of the chamber.

Let's think about this for moment. A two-thirds legislative supermajority is so difficult to attain that the senate couldn't even come close to mustering one on behalf of an issue that voters have repeatedly approved at the polls—by a 64 percent margin as recently as 2010. Indeed, the bar is so high that passing this constitutional amendment now would basically bar all future legislatures from directly passing another tax or fee increase. Ever. So the 25 senators voting yes on this amendment are basically saying that they know better than all future legislators. They are also saying that the legislature should never again pass another tax or fee increase (or eliminate another tax exemption), under an circumstance for any reason at any time. It is an amendment intended to substantially weaken the power of future legislatures.

And one of those 25 senators voting yes on this ridiculous drown-government-in-a-bathtub amendment was Majority Leader Rodney Tom, who still absurdly claims to be a big "D" Democrat.

This isn't just the crazy fringe of the senate's so-called Majority Coalition Caucus that is voting to hamstring all future legislatures. This is all of them including Tom. Something that 48th LD voters might want to remember in November when given the choice between Tom and his Democratic challenger Joan McBride.